What is an App?

expressapps desenvolvedora de aplicativos An abbreviation for the word application, an App is a program for smartphones and tablets that increases and improves the devices features. The term App became popular when Apple launched the App Store, along with the iPhone in 2007. Once downloaded, Apps are always available on your devices screen, becoming a shortcut that open a world of possibilities to the users.

Who are we?

ExpressApps is a company that creates, develops and manages Apps of all shapes and sizes. Our know-how includes the complete App development process from the creation and strategy, to management of the information published through the App.

expressapps desenvolvedora de aplicativosWe have a highly specialized team that will deliver your App in a timely manner for iOS (iPhone,iPad), Android and HTML 5 users.
expressapps desenvolvedora de aplicativosOur business model allows your company to easily manage your own contents and modules anytime. No prior programming knowledge needed. If you would prefer to have someone else manage your contents, ExpressApps offers that option.
expressapps desenvolvedora de aplicativosExpressApps offers the complete package, from creation, strategy and setting functions, to contents management and consulting according to each company’s needs.

Why have an App?

Your brand will be with your clients 24/7.

Have a channel of fast communication with your clients and zero fees.

97% of push notifications are read by users.

Make your discount coupons (check-in, QR and others) available through you App to ensure customer loyalty.

Real time updates. Guarantee the presence of your brand in the mobile world (Apple and Google).

An App is a networking tool that may be used with your clients or employees.

How do I send my App users a message?


To send a push message straight to client’s smartphones and tablets all you have to do is click on “message” in the management portal section found on the ExpressApps platform; type and send.

How long does an App development take?


Your App will be ready after 15 days. If will be published in Google Play 48 hours later and in Apple’s App Store after about 20 days.

I already have a Mobile site, do I need an App?

These tools have different concepts, which is why companies have contributed to the explosive growth of the App world.

o-site-e-uma-ferramentaA site is a content tool, whereas the App is used and a way of communication that integrates clients, brands and employees. An App can be a powerful marketing weapon that will complement your site.
nos-euaIn the USA 70% of companies already, have a site and an App.

How do I publish my App in the App Store and Google Play?


ExpressApps takes care of it for you.

I have other questions, how should I proceed?


Please contact us via e-mail through contato@expressapps.com.br or click here to access our contact form.

How do I update my App?

It’s easy! All you have to do is access your ExpressApp platform portal page and alter whatever you need. Your App will be updated in real time!